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In the Questions and Answer session I ask the children (4) questions and in return allow them to ask me anything they want to. I always have one or two answers that really amaze me!
1) What do I love?
Being with my grandmother
Learning English
Vocational training center

2) What do you not like?
Dog bites
Car accidents
Dropping out of school
My family getting sick
Train accidents
Friends fighting
Father beating on someone
Parents beating each other

3) What do you want to be when you grow up?
A hairdresser
A hat maker
A painter
A motorbike repair man
A tailor
A carpenter
A TV repair man
A policeman
A soldier
An artist
A person who sews curtains

4) What do you wish for?
To have clothes for going to school
To have a bike for school
To have a happy family
To not drop out of school
To visit another place
To be able to sell food with my mother
To be a Doctor


faces of tomorrow, photographs by diana barnett