Faces of Tomorrow is the culmination of a lifelong dream for Diana Barnett. A chef-turned-photojournalist, Barnett's mission is to bring to life
devastating and inspiring stories of children around the world who have been struck by disaster and need issues. Through the lens of her
camera, Barnett captures their stories, their voices, their hopes and dreams, and their collective message to all of humanity. This project is
dedicated to the children and the NGO’s (non-governmental organizations) that are working to improve their lives.



11/99 - A web site by JDC covering my photos of Turkey Earthquake
12/99 - (UMCOR) Turkey's quake survivors welcome church aid
12/99 - (UMCOR) Surviving the Winter after the Earthquakes: A Story from Turkey
02/01 - A web site created by RED CROSS/Story that speaks about survivors after the Turkey Earthquake of 1999
07/01 - Photos from my work in India after the Earthquake of January 2001
10/01 - Photos in the "New York Attacked" Photo Essay linked from Food for the Hungry.
02/02 - A web site by UMCOR of Latin American Children/Mother & Child/my travels in Brazil
07/02 - Self-Taught Photographer Spreads Hope for Children in Disaster
07/02 - Brighter Future Sought for World's Children. Photographer Diana Barnett since the last World Summit for Children.
05/03 - Photo won in REDUCING HUNGER category. The results are in from InterAction's first annual photography contest....
02/04 - Faces of Tomorrow Photo show (Click on events)
02/04 - http://www.planusa.org/contentmgr/showdetails.php/id/101910



faces of tomorrow, photographs by diana barnett