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In the Questions and Answer session I ask the children (5) questions and in return allow them to ask me anything they want to. I changed the format of the 4th and 5th question as they did not understand it and I created a combined question about “what they dream for”. I am always so moved by the answers from the children.
1) What do you love?
To sing
The countryside
2) What do you not love?
Nasty words
Being Spoiled
Hurting people’s feelings
Children without education
Being in the street doing nothing
Watching T.V
3) What do you want to be when you grow up?
A principal
A brick man
To be able to finish my studies
A lawyer
Watching T.V

4) If you could change anything?
Have everyone healthy
Peace in the world
Help the poor
Go to the moon
Let all the children be educated
No problems for the people


faces of tomorrow, photographs by diana barnett