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In the Questions and Answer session I ask the children (5) questions and in return allow them to ask me anything they want to. I always have one or two answers that really amaze me! There was one child who was brought in at 6 years old, after running away from home where he was being beaten. When I asked what he loved…he laughed at me as if it was obvious…he said…”Teacher, I love life!”
1) If I could make anything happen what would it be?
I would put all the street children in school
I would give everyone peace and happiness
I would make the streets a safer place
I would do away with violence
I would take all kids out of the streets

2) What do you wish for?
I wish I could go to heaven
I wish my mother could get out of prison
I wish my mother would stop drinking
I wish…to be happy
I wish someday to find my relatives, and teach them about Jesus
I wish to be “somebody” when I grow up
I wish for peace in the world
I wish I could go to medical school

3) What do you love?
I love life
I love Jesus
I love God
I love Brazil

4) What do you not like?
I don’t want to die
I don’t like fights
I don’t like violence
I don’t like lies
I don’t like people who are false
I don’t like people who rub my head

5) What do you want to be when you grow up?
Business woman
Captain of the Marines
Football player

faces of tomorrow, photographs by diana barnett